2-step paint refinishing system | MACHINE processing

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2-step paint refinishing system | MACHINE processing
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Convince yourself of our perfected 2-step system for machine paint refinishing for detailers and car enthusiasts. Our premium high-performance compounds and polishing pads are precisely matched to achieve outstanding results in the shortest possible time.

Step 1
 S2 BLACK, the premium high-performance compound, has been specially developed for the demanding detailer and can be used for applications on used and weathered paintwork! Due to the maximum and unique removal performance, as well as the excellent high-gloss properties, extremely deep lacquer irritations can be removed in seconds. 

 S2 BLACK can be used with both rotary and eccentric polishing machines. For optimal results, we recommend using our innovative navy-blue SpiderPad and orange polishing pad. 

Step 2 
The high-performance S30+ polishing compound is a guarantee for the perfect final finish on dark car paints. Thanks to the unique formulation based on a highly pure and micro-fine powder of aluminium oxide, light traces of use and scratches in the top coat as well as holograms and veils from polishing processes before can be effortlessly and lastingly removed in just one step.

The "easy-clean" formulation ensures the best processing properties on all conventional and scratch-resistant paint systems. The brilliant mirror finish of our premium polishing compounds will convince you. 
 The S30+ polishing compound can be used with almost all SCHOLL Concepts polishing pads. We generally recommend the use of the universal orange polishing pad or the NEO SpiderPad. Extremely soft pads (black sponge) should not be used! The paste can be processed both rotationally and eccentrically. 

 Our products are already used at over 50 locations of well-known car manufacturers worldwide and must therefore meet the highest standards. All compounds and polishing pads are developed and produced in our two factories in Germany. Benefit from 60 years of experience in the paint finishing sector. 

Included in the bundle:

·       1 x S2 BLACK high-performance paste 250 g (103026) 

·       1 x S30+ Micro High Performance Paste 250 g (103306)

·       1 x M Polishing Sponge 145/25 mm orange (20253)

·       1 x M SpiderPad 145/25 mm navy-blue (20373)

·       1 x MicroPLUS polishing cloth bordeaux (seamless!) (22461)

  • Enormous removal rate with minimal dust formation
  • Outstanding gloss properties
  • Easy cleaning
  • Processing with all common polishing machines (rotary & eccentric)
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Polishing pads are made up of different materials and come in different shapes and sizes. The choice of the right kind of pad, however, depends mainly on the application and required cut. Lambskin polishing pads have given rise to one of the most common misconceptions we have about polishing pads. The lambskin pad is the most abrasive polishing pad with the highest cut that we know of. The differences between the various polishing pads are as follows:


Premium SOFTouch Topwool
Premium polishing pad made from 100% natural wool and integrated orange foam interface layer, for maximum cutting performance on fresh and worn paint surfaces.

Sandwich SpiderPad (black/white)
Innovative foam pad with calibrated surface and double-layer structure for maximum cutting performance and low heat build-up on fresh paint surfaces.

SpiderPad (navy-blue)
Firm, reticulated premium polishing pad. A brand new, unique heat-resistant foam composition provides a steady and consistent cutting performance.

Polishing pad (purple)
Superior, firm foam pad with a coarse porous structure, ideal for paint detailing applications. The tear-resistant, reticulated foam composition provides maximum durability.

FINE (5)
All-purpose sponge (orange)
This all-purpose, semi-firm pad with a fine, closed-cell foam structure is ideal for final finish and sealing applications.

FINE (6)
SpiderPad Neo (yellow)
This fine porous, reticulated hybrid pad with a calibrated surface was designed for the efficient application of the NEO Polymer Protection. Ideal for removing holograms.

SOFTouch-Waffle Pad (black)
Extremely fine and soft foam pad with an extra orange interface layer for controlling contact pressure on the surface to be polished.

If the pad begins to dust or stick during polishing, it is time to clean and remove the accumulated dirt and used polish from it. The easiest way to do this is by using the cleaning brush. Simply press the brush against the rotating pad at low speed and allow the bristles to brush the dirt out. After polishing, all pads can be washed out with water and a little cleaning agent. Note that lambskin pads should be left wet and re-attached with the Velcro face onto the polishing plate in order to prevent them from shrinking and losing their shape.

This can be caused by various reasons:

a) The polisher is turned on before bringing the pad into contact with the paint (frequent beginner’s error)
b) Polisher speed too high
c) Too much polish
d) Tilting of polisher / formation of dust when polishing edges
e) Use of new pad that has not yet been worn in
f) Fresh pad, into which the polishing compound has not been distributed evenly prior to polishing

1. Make sure that the entire surface of each new pad is coated sparingly and evenly with the required polish. (Note: Any part of the pad that is not coated with polish may cause micro-scratches.)
2. The rubbing compound should be spread across several points onto the paint surface with the pad and then distributed evenly and rubbed in (BEFORE TURNING ON THE POLISHER). The aim is to have sufficient unused rubbing compound over the entire surface in order to ensure a uniform cut.
3. Now set the polisher/pad onto the paint surface and check whether you have set the polisher to the right speed.
4. The actual polishing process can now begin. Switch on the polisher.
5. Proceed by applying the compound in a criss-cross movement. Make sure that the area of the surface you wish to work on is not too large. Always remember: you should be able to cover the selected surface from one comfortable position.

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