SW20 Premium Speed Wax 500 ml

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SW20 Premium Speed Wax 500 ml
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SW20 Premium Speed Wax is a unique and innovative sprayable sealant for new and polished paint surfaces. The Speed Wax eliminates light dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. in seconds and leaves a long-lasting sealed surface. The latest polymer technology fills micro-scratches in the paint surface and forms a resistant protective film, shielding your car from the elements! Just spray-on, wipe off – done. The glossy finish is remarkable. SW20 does not contain hydrocarbons or silicone oils and can be used on virtually any smooth surface.

Spray-on SW20, finish up using our red, seamless MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth in circular motion – done!
Capacity in ml: 500 ml
Customer: Bodyshop, Enthusiast
Gloss: 4 of 6
Protection Level: 4 von 6

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