Product overview

Thinking ahead – visionary car care concepts


While developing our chemical detailing range, our main goal was to express the innovative potential of our products. At the same time, our focus was on creating visionary and universal products that offer added value to our customers. Combined with easy-to-use foam applicator hand pads, our innovative car care chemicals produce amazing results. Moreover, through all stages of development, we ensure that we strictly adhere to California’s stringent VOC requirements.

Sustainable, high-grade car care chemicals


The limited durability of many plastic and car care products can often be rather discouraging. For instance, we painstakingly apply dressings on vinyl, mouldings, trims and plastic components, yet the gloss seems to vanish immediately after the next car wash or rain shower. Thanks to their wide range of applications and amazing durability, our premium products provide impressive results. Exceptional cleaners such as our RIM7 gel with colour change formula, the all-purpose cleaner SPAM and our universal polymer protection NEO set new standards within the detailing world.

Modular manufacturing processes


The innovativeness of our formulas is reflected in our chemical production facilities. An unconventional, modular manufacturing concept and a fully automated gravimetric process control system ensure cost-effective and efficient production. A brand new, high-capacity filling line manages the complex filling process of our products into small and large bottles and containers.