High quality products produced in modern production facilities deserve an efficient and creative commercialization, combined with an optimised and customer-oriented service. The innovative ideas of our internal creative agency will not just help you to implement new premium products into your portfolio but also to place them successfully on the market.

3 Services

3 phases define our B2B complete-concept. The product selection (phase 1), during which we develop your perfect polish compound along with a fitting pad, after that follow the creative marketing concepts (phase 2). Our decade long experience and the ability to constantly reinvent ourselves allow an impressive range of ideas. The third phase is defined by a successful market introduction (phase 3) that ensures the effective establishment of your products.


Many ideas, thoughts and a lot of effort are used to develop a promising product. However, fruitful marketing is also vitally important: Will the launch be successful? How will sales be promoted? How will customers be efficiently looked after? At this point SCHOLL Concepts expands the development of their products through an attractive addition: The third dimension of the B2B complete-concept is made up of excellent support in marketing, services and sales. Every day 7 clever people work on developing innovative and original concepts for you.