Like clockwork, our comprehensive paint finish solutions are perfectly matched to complement one another. Our commitment and passion to create the perfect paint finish has made us an innovative developer and manufacturer of unique polishing and rubbing compounds.
In this way we managed to develop numerous successful polishing systems for our Private-Label customers, who were able to sustainably establish themselves in a wide range of markets. Many of these have become market leaders and have an outstanding reputation in the market.

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Our demanding customers include the car industry and the automotive supply industry, a significant number of reput- able and internationally operating Private-Label firms as well as smaller independent companies.

We understand the polishing market like no other company and are able to offer you the opportunity to rework your existing system or to offer you, as a newcomer to the polish business, the development of a perfect system, based on our know-how and experience. You want to diversify and offer your customers a unique polish system – we know the way.

After coordination with you about your target markets, target prices and competition, our chemists develop exclusive polishes. Their recipes will be adjusted by your application engineers before the final release. Parallel to this we will develop a polishing pad selection that is tailored specifically to your polish and compound range.

The superior quality of our products is reflected in our state- of-the-art polish manufacturing facility: Every day, high- capacity mixers, smart powder dosing systems and a fully automated filling line produce several tonnes of premium polishing compounds of impeccable quality.