Our innovative and highly efficient pads are sought-after worldwide. As a customer you will receive an individual and appropriate pad for each polish and can thus guarantee a perfect and flawless paint finish.
Did you know
… that the finish result (gloss) and the removal speed (cut) of a polish system are based up to 30% on the utilised pad?
… that about two polishing pads are required in the automotive aftermarket, to use one litre of polish compound.

2 Pads

It is a fact that the pad business, when viewed economically, is at least as important for your success as the polish business.

Did you also know that through the unique and clever manu- facturing process of a polishing pad and the use of a highly tear resistant foam the purchase price rises by 30% while the lifetime is doubled – i.e.rises by 100%?

Our slogan “The Science of Gloss” is no hollow phrase. We view our daily business as a true science. Our polishing pads win over the market through their cleverness and intelligence and not through an initially appealing price. SCHOLL Concepts stands for a fair and balanced priceper-formance ratio as well as for exciting polishing pad concepts.

The knowledge about the interaction between paint, polish compound and pad is irreplaceable if you expect a brilliant result. The success of a whole paint finish concept is based on the intelligent interplay of all elements.

We see our company as a forge of innovation, which perma- nently tries to improve the effectiveness of polish compounds and pads, in order to hand you a complete finishing system.