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Our life is defined by 3 spatial dimensions and as biological beings we developed in 3 dimensions. So what could be more natural than viewing our business in 3 dimensions? Get to know our unique B2B concept: SCHOLL Concepts does not just develop high quality and individual premium products but also an intelligent overall concept for their effective commercialization. More informations you will find in our SCHOLL Concepts B2B-complete brochure.(8,4MB)

Choose your Range of Polishes out of 5000 formulations

DIMENSION 1 | Our comprehensive paint finishing solutions are perfectly in tune with each other, like clockwork. The desire for a perfect paint surface, passion and high levels of engagement have made SCHOLL Concepts into an innovative developer and manufacturer of unique polishing and rubbing compounds. In this way we managed to develop numerous successful polishing systems for our Private-Label customers, who were able to sustainably establish themselves in a wide range of markets.

Find high quality pads that perfectly match to your Polishing Compounds

DIMENSION 2 | Our innovative and highly efficient pads are sought-after worldwide. As a customer you will receive an individual and appropriate pad for each polishaand can thus guarantee a perfect and flawless paint finish. Our slogan “The Science of Gloss” is no hollow phrase. We view our daily business as a true science. Our polishing pads win over the market through their cleverness and intelligence.

More than just Polishes & Pads. Get more information about our 3rd dimension & our Marketing Support

DIMENSION 3 | High quality products produced in modern production facilities deserve an efficient and creative distribution, combined with an optimised and customer-oriented service. The innovative ideas of our internal creative agency will not just help you to adopt new premium products into your portfolio but also to place them successfully on the market.


3 phases define our B2B complete-concept. The product finding phase, during which we develop your perfect polish compound along with a fitting pad, is followed by the creative phase of the marketing concept. Our decade long experience and the ability to constantly reinvent ourselves allow an impressive range of ideas. The third phase is defined by a successful market introduction that secures the effective establishing of your products.